Women’s World Day of Prayer Service at St. Paul’s

It was a day of celebration for Little Sutton Primary School pupils, staff and governors as they attended the Women’s World Day of Prayer Service at St. Paul’s Church in Hooton.

The World Day of Prayer is an annual event that is celebrated by churches and communities across the world. Each World Day of Prayer worship service has a special theme, which is created by women of a different country each year. For 2020, the theme of ‘Rise! Take Up Your Mat and Walk’ was developed by the women of Zimbabwe.

Pupils from Little Sutton C of E Primary School read various parts of the service, supported by Executive Principal of Little Sutton Primary School Mrs Zoe Carciero and governors from the school.

Little Sutton Primary School governor Katie Sykes commented: “The main message I took from the service was that we are all responsible for our actions. We can quite easily make excuses to not do things, but we must all believe we can make a difference and trust in God to help us, as courageous women.”

The World Day of Prayer dates back to the 19th century when Christian women in the USA and Canada undertook activities to support women’s involvement in mission activities both at home and abroad. Today, World Prayer Day is an ecumenical movement of informed prayer and prayerful action.

Executive Principal Zoe Carciero said the service was a valuable experience for all involved: “As a church school in Little Sutton, events like the World Day of Prayer are an opportunity for our children to develop their understanding of the Christian faith in the wonderful surroundings of St. Paul’s Church. It was a positive and powerful experience for our pupils.”

During the service, questions were asked such as what does ‘Rise! Take Up Your Mat and walk’ mean to you and attendees were asked to write down their commitments to support their local communities through love, peace and reconciliation, a sentiment that resonates with Little Sutton Primary School said Mrs Carciero.

“Schools, especially church schools, should be at the heart of their communities and this is something we are developing more and more at Little Sutton. We are thankful to St. Paul’s for organising the service and to the women of Zimbabwe for such a poignant, thought provoking worship as part of the World Day of Prayer.”

Lola, Denna and Izzy from Little Sutton Primary School who were part of the Women’s World Day of Prayer commented: “We were very proud to be part of the celebration of women.  It was great to celebrate the strength and hard work of women in Zimbabwe.”