Date: 2nd May 2018 @ 4:20pm

This week we have been learning more about the main characters from our class text 'Troll Swap'. We are now starting to use noun phrases to describe e.g. 'The gigantic, green troll...' 

In maths, we have been practising counting on and back in twos and asking questions such as 'If we start counting on in twos from zero, which numbers will we / won't  we land on?'

As part of our citizenship work, we have been concentrating on friendship and team building. What makes a good friend? Have you given someone a compliment today? Has someone given you a compliment? How good are you at sharing? Is there anything you can change to become an even better friend than you are already?

We have also started our topic work this week. After listening to music, investigating instruments and looking at masks and images on the computer, we have come up with questions that we would like to investigate further.




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